RGJ Gear

New pages being updated through Oct '23 Thank you!

This section is significant and rather large, so I am taking my time with the new site here and choosing gear I am currently enjoying and working with. I'll post the album soon.

I was commissioned by Seymour Duncan to write and record several video demos and original compositions for the SD Custom Shop range of pickups.

This Custom Shop Staple P90 pickup demo was a favorite.

It was such a popular request (for tabs and music) "Train To Paris" by guitar players that I re-recorded it, re-arranged it and put it on my album 'California Gypsy'.

("Roses In A Boxcar Train To Paris") Here is the original demo >>>>

I have had the grace and opportunity to partner with several exceptional people over the years as my work has changed, transformed, taken new directions etc.  I keep myself moving forward with new creative endevours.

Long term and short term and I am grateful for all of it.