Austin Texas Bassist, Guitarist, Recording Artist, Session Musician, Performer and Composer - Rodney Gene Junior

About RGJ

Professional Music Geek

Rodney Gene Junior: Professional multi-musician, gear tech, engineer and producer in Austin Texas. Multiple credits as artist, musician, co-writer or producer through ASCAP and BMI as well as several unique industry innovations and contributions.


Bass, Guitar, Vocals and Studio Production; Studio sessions (remote or in-person), weekly live performance (I work as a professional sub often for bass or guitar) Live Performance or Production: Roots, Vintage Soul, Funk, Vintage Pop, Progressive, Fusion, Country, And Gospel.  

I have been an entrepreneur and self-employed artist (as well as employer) for many years in the arts and music. I have two artist focused businesses with my wife of 30 years.  My primary work is in the studio for production, bass and guitar. I also work regularly with integral gear companies on audio sessions, video demos, beta testing, community building, consulting, tech work and social marketing interaction and product support. I help bridge the gap between artist/musician and tech. I have an extensive history in the gear industry as a tech/consultant/artist. A few of the companies who have commissioned me for work are: Tascam, Roland, Seymour Duncan, Nick Silver Pickups, Lollar Pickups, Carr Amplifiers, D-Tar, Warwick Basses, Fender, Schecter, Custom Tones, Alesis and many high-end boutique builders, touring musicians and gear designers…

On A Personal Note

Some of my own personal daily interests include bass practice, guitar practice, 70's fusion music, 70s Super Pop Soft Rock, Cowboy Jazz, high-end pro audio, gear tweaking, instrument setup and repair, gear research, reading, science, theology, philosophy, fitness, tattoos, the healing arts, self-development, business, metaphysics, nutrition and natural medicine. I have degrees and multiple certifications in many of those areas as well as CD's, books and programs I have authored within those fields of study over the course of my life while maintaining my career in music. I enjoy a great library of books I love to engage with. 

If I can be of service, send me a message. I would love to talk with you and hear what you are doing and see how I can help. I have many industry references, referrals, professional recommendations and 100s of examples! Namaste, Cheers, Thank You, Shalom, Blessings or any other salutation you will receive!

Additional Info

Rodney Gene Junior: Professional bassist, guitarist,  producer, songwriter, gear tech, tone geek. 

Performing Artist, Player, Teacher (sometimes!!) bonafide gear nerd and geek with an unusual depth of esoteric gear knowledge and tastes. A long time expert at guitar electronics and guitar and bass setup... Has been commissioned by many guitar/gear companies for unique creative solutions, demos, beta testing, consultation and technical support.

Appreciates the subtleties and nuances of tone and well-made gear and equipment and understands how to get the best from his equipment. Has a fully-equipped high-end personal studio used for tracking and recording. 

Large variety of basses, guitars, amps and pedals, effects, software etc to accommodate studio sessions and live gigs. Employs both vintage and modern tone solutions. Hands on-musician, hands on producer and hands on self-sufficient member of any situation he is in. Known by his peers for being prepared, professional and knowledgeable and keeps active and current in his fields of interest.